COLD SORE TREATMENT - Certified Organic

Eradicate cold sores before they appear on your face and eliminate existing cold sores

COLD SORE CARE [15ml bottle]

15 ML COLD SORE CARE Coldsore Care, a new all natural cold sore treatment is designed to stop cold sores from occurring and quickly end existing outbreaks. The naturally occurring analgesics in the product enable it to deaden pain associated with cold sores upon application. This product is also an effective treatment for canker sores.

Published medical studies demonstrate the active ingredients in Coldsore Care stop and prevent replication of the virus causing cold sores and fever blisters (herpes simplex). The product safely ends cold sores fast and prevents future outbreaks. This product includes a full one year Money Back Guarantee to be effective..

Coldsore Care is 100% pure and natural, comprised of the highest quality certified organic anti viral plant extracts which are suitable to treat infections in or around the mouth and mucous membranes. The product is almost devoid of toxicity when used per instructions and safe to apply on the lips and inside the mouth.

Recent clinical trials establish the active ingredients in Coldsore Care have a “rapid effect on typical symptoms of herpes labialis (coldsores), like itching, tingling, burning, stabbing, swelling, tautness and erythema (inflammation)….”

When ColdSore Care is applied at the first sign of tingling (prodrome), signaling a pending coldsore, the product has the ability to abort the pending outbreak and prevent sores from forming. The certified organic essential oils in this product also aid in restoring pH balance in and around the mouth, which helps to heal infections in the mucous membranes.

The secret to success is the rapidity of intervention. The sooner Coldsore Care is applied to the affected area, the less time the virus will have to reproduce and create a visible infection or sore. It is therefore recommended to keep Coldsore Care on hand at all times, rapid intervention with this product has the ability to banish the embarrassment of visible coldsore outbreaks all together.



  • Formulated by a panel of recognized leaders in the field of Plant Medicine
  • Effective in preventing the replication of herpes virus causing coldsores in the lab and from our growing list of satisfied customers
  • 100% all natural and certified organic, created from the purest essential oils with efficacy and safety as top priorities
  • Derived exclusively from the highest quality, organically certified crops from around the world
  • Virtually devoid of toxicity and safe to use around the mouth
  • Compliant with all applicable health and safety standards - very few domestic essential oil products achieve this!



“I usually get a coldsore or fever blister once a month before my period, sometimes twice if I'm really stressed or get sun/windburn. I was waiting to get a fever blister or coldsore & apply the product more regularly to see how long it took to work before sending a response. I've been using the Coldsore Care everyday since I got it. My period has come & gone and no coldsore or fever blister, so I waited & waited. I've gone to the beach everyday in the sun & the wind, still no blisters. Finally I decided that no coldsores or fever blisters at all whatsoever are better than seeing fast results when I get one. I am completely pleased. I have no marks on my face from ugly scarring & scabing. Thank you so much. I'll be a customer for life!” Susan from North Carolina.

“ I have been a customer of Pure Healing for about 2 years using Coldsore Care and they are not only a great company with great service; they have wonderful products that really work.” Jason from Canada.

“I purchased Coldsore during a rough period because i was desperate for relief. Within 2 days everything was getting back to normal. With normal use as directed, this product has exceeded my expectations. It even helped prevent an oncoming episode. Just think, these days a product that really does what it says it can do. Thanks Pure Healing.” Robin from South Carolina.

” I had good results almost immediately when using Coldsore Care. The pain and itch from my cold sores were relieved instantly upon application. I was delighted to see the cold sore gone within a day after application. Truly wonderful. Thank you for a great product.” Ben from Alaska.

“ I find the Coldsore Care product overwhelmingly FANTASTIC (and I'm very picky) and the customer service superb. Emails and questions are answered expediently, and products are delivered faster than expected. I am very, very satisfied.” Joann from Florida.

“Being in the medical community, I have been trying to get my coldsore out breaks under control for a long time. I had gotten to the point where I was only having them 4-5 times a year using herbs but that's was not good enough. I was determined to find something that would permanently get rid of all outbreaks. I have tried many things with limited success such as lysine, red marine algae, olive leaf extract, and Chaparral extract. All of these helped but it wasn't until I found Coldsore Care that I was able to completely prevent outbreaks from happening. Coldsore Care guarantees me no more outbreaks. I highly recommend this product.” Dr. Eric from Ohio.



At the first sign of a coldsore (oral herpes outbreak), apply Coldsore Care topically, with a cotton swab or fingers, to all affected areas (lips, gums, inside of cheeks, etc.).

Day One: Apply 3-6 times.

Thereafter: three to five applications per day until symptoms have passed.

One 15 ml bottle contains approximately 400 drops of product and can treat over 20 outbreaks! The 50 ml bottle contains approximately 1500 drops of product and can treat over 60 outbreaks!

When you’re applying Coldsore Care to your mouth or lips, you’re bound to get a taste of it, and its strength and pain killing ability may surprise you. Our specially formulated treatments are created with efficacy and safety as top priorities. While it is intended as a topical treatment, accidental ingestion of Coldsore Care in small quantities will not harm you. Do not use if you have any allergic reactions to plant extracts. 



When Coldsore Care is applied immediately at the onset of oral herpes symptoms, and according to the dosage instructions, excellent results are experienced within the first hours almost without exception. We recommend applying the product for 1-2 days thereafter, to avoid relapses.



Coldsore Care may seem like a “miracle”, however, all Pure Healing products are made of naturally occurring certified organic materials. It’s our scrupulous procedures, pristine essential oils and meticulously formulated treatments that make them work as well as they do.






Certified Organic
Melaleuca alternifolia


Anti-infectious, anti viral, effective to treat coldsores in or around the mouth.

Certified Organic Pelargonium

Terpene alcohols, esters

Analgesic, Anti-infectious, Antiviral and highly effective against coldsores.

Certified Organic
Lavender Super


Analgesic, pain killer, heals wounds and repairs skin.

Calophyllum inophyllum V.O.


Antiviral, healing, stimulates phagocytosis (natural immune response for elimination of foreign bodies)

Certified Organic
May Chang


Antiviral, anti-infectious. Safe and effective for coldsore treatments.

Certified Organic

Terpene alcohols, geraniol

Exceptional Anti-Viral, Anti-infectious, Highly effective to use for coldsores and viral infections around the mouth




Medicine is placing more and more trust and value in plant-derived, organic, therapeutic oils to treat specific viral conditions such as herpes simplex 1 and herpes simplex 2. The reasons for this are simple; essential oils are said to be the most effective means of eliminating herpes virus symptoms and are safer to use than their counterparts, oral drugs.

 “Some of the most impressive results consistently achieved with organic essential oils are in the treatment of herpes. In carefully executed in vitro experiments the ability of organic essential oils and a variety of organic essential oil constituents protect various human cell cultures from the herpes virus without being toxic to the cells themselves.” Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt

--PIA Scientific Conference of the Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils



The impressive therapeutic action of topically applied essential oils is accomplished via their rapid absorption of into the body. Essential oils are lipophilic and have a low molecular weight. This allows them to pass readily through the skin and into bloodstream where they are carried throughout the body and pass easily through cell membranes to DNA, where the herpes virus resides and replicates.

Massive, rapid replication (or reproduction) is what occurs when the herpes virus comes out of its dormant stage and causes an outbreak. It’s this replication that causes the herpes virus to overpower your body’s defenses and create sores and blisters on your skin’s surface.

Our researchers have analyzed each essential oil for its qualitative and quantitative capacity to block DNA polymerase and, consequently, replication of the herpes simplex 1 and herpes simplex 2 viruses. Those organic oils which are safe to use around the mouth, which exhibit the highest virucidal effect against the herpes virus in exhaustive in vitro and in vivo trials, have been meticulously blended to create Coldsore Care.



Here at Pure Healing we’ve studied and had success with patients of all ages with herpes outbreaks ranging from dramatically acute to mild but chronic. In the overwhelming majority of cases, Coldsore Care has provided dramatic relief of pain and elimination of outbreaks.  

In addition to specific antiviral properties of our products, they are highly antibacterial and have an immunostimulant function which heightens your body’s immune system defense mechanisms.

Our high rate of success has made Pure Healing the remedy of choice for individuals and physicians throughout North America and Europe.



Quality from beginning to end

In order to provide you with the most effective and safest herpes virus treatments, our formulas are prepared from the highest quality ingredients using the most scrupulous procedures. It’s because we place a higher value on quality than on time and monetary expense that we can guarantee optimal efficacy and safety of our products.



We traveled the world over looking for the perfect essential oil sources for our herpes virus formulas. Because so many ingredients are required and our standards are so high, no single source would ever do. Consequently, we purchase our certified organic essential oils from farm/distilleries all over the world. These sources are in remote areas far from pollution, and at higher altitudes where the air is cleaner. From Nepal to central Australia, from Chile to Egypt, from Morocco to Madagascar, we’ve spared no expense, selecting only the most ecologically aware and organically run farms for our herpes treatments.



The plants are harvested at the height of their season when antiviral and antimicrobial properties are at their peak, rendering essential oils of the highest possible potency. Steam distilling takes place on premises immediately following the harvest, when newly cut plants are fresh.

Our oils are distilled slowly, at a low temperature and pressure, unlike the distillation process for the perfume industry. Due to high demand and lesser regard for quality, they use higher temperatures for a faster yield.



While we require our farmers to conduct chromatographic testing to insure purity and quality, we also verify their findings by outsourcing to an independent scientific laboratory here in the states.

The lots of essential oils and their respective test results arrive at our offices in California, and then we send off samples of each lot to an independent lab for testing via the aromatogram technique. Only after this second set of testing reconfirms the efficacy (antiviral and antimicrobial potency) and quality of the oils do we incorporate them into our products.



The special formulas we use to blend Coldsore Care were developed collaboratively with leaders in the industry of plant medicine. The trials and testing took years and our products did not reach the market until we were sure we had the safest, highest quality treatment possible.



Many antiviral drugs are on the market touting their efficacy against the herpes virus. While these products may work for some people, they are composed of a single agent designed to combat the virus, whereas our essential oil extracts may contain up to 450 different anti viral agents proven to stop oral herpes viral replication. With Pure Healing certified organic treatments, your chances of preventing a herpes outbreak is that much higher.

Furthermore, oral drugs are processed in the digestive tract, liver and kidneys, potentially damaging crucial organs. Coldsore Care is a topical treatment comprised of certified organic, anti viral lipophilic essential oils, which pass cleanly through the skin, directly into the bloodstream with no traces of toxins as they are organic: harvested and cultivated without pesticides or chemicals.

LemonBalm extract (found in Coldsore Care) for topical treatment of recurring herpes labialis.


Koytchev R, Alken RG, Dundarov S.

Cooperative Clinical Drug Research and Development GmbH, Berlin, Germany.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized trial was carried out with the aim of proving efficacy of standardized lemonbalm extract (concentrated in Coldsore Care) for the therapy of herpes simplex labialis, coldsores. Sixty six patients with a history of recurrent herpes labialis (at least four episodes per year) in one center were treated topically; 34 of them with verum and 32 with placebo. The extract had to be applied on the affected area four times daily over five days. A combined symptom score of the values for complaints, size of affected area and blisters at day 2 of therapy was formed as the primary target parameter. There was a significant difference in the values of the primary target parameter between both treatment groups: verum 4.03 +/- 0.33 (3.0); placebo 4.94 +/- 0.40 (5.0); values given are mean +/- SEM (median) of the symptoms score on day 2 of therapy. The tested formulation is effective for the treatment of herpes simplex labialis. The significant difference in the combined symptom score on the second day of treatment is of particular importance having in mind that the complaints in patients suffering from herpes labialis are usually most intensive at that time. In addition to the shortening of the healing period, the prevention of a spreading of the infection and the rapid effect on typical symptoms of herpes like itching, tingling, burning, stabbing, swelling, tautness and erythema, the lemonbalm extract has a further advantage. The different mechanism of action of lemonbalm extract rules out the development of resistance of the herpes virus. Indication exists that the intervals between the periods with herpes might be prolonged with lemonbalm extract.


Inactivation of enveloped herpes viruses by anthraquinones extracted from plants.

Sydiskis RJ, Owen DG, Lohr JL, Rosler KH, Blomster RN.

Department of Microbiology, University of Maryland, Baltimore

To determine the extent of antiviral activity present in a number of plant extracts found in Coldsore Care, the extracts virucidal effects were tested against herpes simplex virus type 1, the most common cause of coldsores. All the plant extracts in this treatment demonstrated effectiveness to inactivate the herpes virus. The active components in this treatment were separated by thin-layer chromatography and identified as anthraquinones. Further a sample of these organic plant extracts was examined, and its effects on the infectivity of herpes simplex virus type 1 and type 2, varicella-zoster virus, pseudorabies virus, influenza virus, adenovirus, and rhinovirus were tested by mixing virus with dilutions of the organic extracts for 15 min at 37 degrees C, immediately diluting the sample, and assaying the amount of infectious virus remaining in the sample. The results showed that the organic extracts inactivated all of the viruses tested except adenovirus and rhinovirus. Electron microscopic examination of anthraquinone-treated herpes simplex virus demonstrated that the envelopes were partially disrupted. These results show that anthraquinones from Coldsore Care are directly virucidal to enveloped viruses.



Satisfaction guaranteed

The rapid growth of relieved and satisfied customers stands as testimony to the results of our efforts.

We sell our products to individuals, physicians, and pharmacists throughout the United States and Europe, where essential oils are regulated and may only be dispensed by qualified medical personnel. Our solid reputation and word of our premium treatments is getting around. This product includes a full one year Money Back Guarantee to be effective.


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