Medicine is placing more and more trust and value in plant-derived, organic, therapeutic oils to treat specific health conditions. The reasons for this are simple; certified organic essential oils have the proven ability to eliminate viral and bacterial colonies and are safer to use than their counterparts, oral drugs.

Oral drugs are processed in the digestive tract, liver and kidneys, potentially damaging crucial organs. Topical treatments comprised of certified organic, essential oils pass cleanly through the skin, directly into the bloodstream leaving no toxins behind.

"Some of the most impressive results consistently achieved with organic essential oils are in the treatment of viral and skin conditions. In carefully executed in vitro experiments the ability of organic essential oils and a variety of organic essential oil constituents protect various human cell cultures viruses without being toxic to the cells themselves."

   --PIA Scientific Conference of the Therapeutic Uses of Essential Oils.                                               


The impressive therapeutic action of topically applied essential oils is accomplished via their rapid absorption of into the body. Essential oils are lipophilic and have a low molecular weight. This allows them to pass readily through the skin and into bloodstream where they are carried throughout the body and pass easily through cell membranes where they are the most needed.


Here at Pure Healing we've studied and had success with patients of all ages with symptoms ranging from dramatically acute to mild but chronic. In the vast majority of cases our products have provided an effective treatment.

In addition to specific antiviral and skin regenerative properties of our products, they are highly antibacterial and have an immunostimulant function, which heightens your body's immune system defense mechanisms.

Our high rate of success has made Pure Healing a remedy of choice for individuals and physicians throughout North America and Europe.


In order to provide you with the most effective and safest treatments, our formulas are prepared from the highest quality ingredients using the most scrupulous procedures. It's because we place a higher value on quality than on time and monetary expense that we can guarantee optimal efficacy and safety of our products.



We traveled the world over looking for the perfect essential oil sources for our formulas. Because so many ingredients are required and our standards are so high, no single source would ever do. Consequently, we purchase our certified organic essential oils from farm/distilleries all over the world. Most are in remote areas far from pollution, and at higher altitudes where the air is cleaner. From Nepal to central Australia, from Chile to Egypt, from Morocco to Madagascar, we've spared no expense, selecting only the most ecologically aware and organically run farms for our products.


The plants are harvested at the height of their season when antiviral and anti-microbial properties are at their peak, rendering essential oils of the highest possible potency. Steam distilling takes place on premises immediately following the harvest, when newly cut plants are fresh. Our oils are distilled slowly, at a low temperature and pressure, unlike the distillation process for the perfume industry. Due to high demand and lesser regard for quality, they use higher temperatures for a faster yield.


While we require our farmers to conduct chromatographic testing to insure purity and quality, we also verify their findings by outsourcing to an independent scientific laboratory here in the states. The lots of essential oils and their respective test results arrive at our offices in San Francisco, then we send off samples of each lot to an independent lab in Santa Barbara for testing via the aromatogram technique. Only after this second set of testing reconfirms the efficacy (antiviral and anti-microbial potency) and quality of the oils do we incorporate them into our products.


The special formulas we use to blend our treatments were developed collaboratively with leaders in the industry of plant medicine. The trials and testing took years and our products did not reach the market until we were sure we had the safest, highest quality treatment possible.

Little Known Fact: "Aromatherapy" is actually a misnomer coined by a French perfume magnate in the 1930s. Noting that many pharmaceutically dispensed essential oils have a pleasant odor and could be incorporated into his products, he referred to their use as aromatherapy. The active constituents of these oils are not ingested, however, merely by inhaling them. Medicinal benefits of essential oils are achieved via their absorption through the skin. Only then can they affect the positive changes for which they are prescribed.


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