Exclusive Treatments for Genital Herpes: GH-OB Care and GH-OBST

GH-OB Care: Genital Herpes Outbreak Care. Use to treat an existing outbreak or to prevent them from forming. High intensity formula.

GH-OBST: Genital Herpes Outbreak Suppressive Therapy. Applied daily acts as suppressive therapy.


15ml bottleGH-OB Care is a high intensity topical genital herpes treatment made entirely from certified organic anti viral plant extracts. This treatment is designed to effectively supress the virus causing genital herpes (herpes simplex 1 or herpes simplex 2) upon exposure. GH-OB Care exhibits the highest level of anti viral activity against the herpes virus causing genital herpes. This is to be applied only when you first have an outbreak or feel one coming on. This product includes a full one year Money Back Guarantee to be effective..

GH-OBST is a milder anti viral treatment to be applied daily between outbreaks to help suppress the virus from traveling to the surface of the skin. This is to be used as suppressive therapy and helps to enhance immune parameters.

The proven therapeutic value of GH-OB Care and GH-OBST to defeat the herpes virus and prevent viral replication, along with the tolerability and absorption with skin tissue in the genital area, can allow one to control or end genital herpes outbreaks.

If you are suffering from genital herpes and learning about the virus, we encourage you to read as much of this site as possible.  We want you to know why our genital herpes treatments are so effective.

The main benefit of the anti viral organic extracts in GH-OB Care and GH-OBST is their ability to act against herpes occurring in the genital tract and their non irritant quality when applied to the genitals when used per instructions. It is important to note that the quality of these organic treatments is flawless which is critical when treating infections in the genital area.

The main action of the active components in GH OB Care and GH-OBST acts directly against herpes in the genito-urinary organs, thereby eliminating the presence and formation of herpes on mucous and genital surfaces. 

When treating herpes in a highly sensitive area of the body such as the genitals, a specific treatment is necessary. We have formulated our genital herpes treatments exclusively to treat herpes occurring in the genital area.

GH-OB Care and GH-OBST are the only herpes products exclusively targeting the eradication of herpes infections in the genital region and have the proven ability to destroy the herpes virus causing genital herpes. What makes this genital herpes treatment highly valuable and unique is not only its quantifiable effectiveness to attack the herpes virus, but also its non irritant quality and tolerability when treating genital tissue and mucous membranes.

Use of GH OB Care and GH OBST (suppressive therapy) has demonstrated to control and end recurring genital herpes outbreaks. Ending genital herpes outbreaks becomes a possibility using these treatments.

Apply GH-OB Care at the very first sign of a pending outbreak, or immediately if the outbreak has surfaced. This product will attack herpes outbreaks when applied in the tingling or prodrome phase.

Apply GH-OBST suppressive therapy between outbreaks to dramatically reduce the frequency and severity. This suppressive treatment is recommended for those experiencing more than two outbreaks per year.



When treating herpes infections in extremely sensitive areas of the body as the genitals, a specifically strong yet safe non irritant anti viral treatment is of paramount importance. Therefore, we have formulated a very strong, all natural certified organic treatment, proven to eradicate genital herpes outbreaks, yet gentle on the skin. This is the only treatment exclusively targeting the eradication of genital herpes outbreaks.

We have developed two distinctly separate highly successful treatments for helping to eradicate genital herpes outbreaks. The first, GH-OB Care, is for emergency care and to be applied to abort a genital herpes outbreak or treat one that has formed.

GH-OB Care is strong, safe and effective. This treatment conforms to international safety and efficacy standards set by the World Congress of Medicine.

The second treatment, GH-OBST, suppressive therapy, is for those experiencing more than two genital herpes outbreak per year. In this situation, one should use GH-OBST between outbreaks. This formula is effective to help those locked in a never ending vicious cycle of illness and outbreaks which has not been resolved.

As a solution, in a deliberate manner, we move into action by implementing a comprehensive care program in which intensive and suppressive therapy from these products plays a key role and helps break the continuous cycle of genital herpes outbreaks. Use of these products together in treating genital herpes can be effective to neutralize genital herpes and is backed by a full year money back guarantee!.

The organic anti viral extracts in our genital herpes treatments have a low molecular weight and are lipophilic (highly absorbable with fatty tissue such as skin). These unique characteristics allow the anti viral extracts in GH OB Care and GH OBST to quickly absorb into the skin and penetrate into the cell membranes to inactivate the herpes virus.

It is critical to use only organic extracts when treating the genital region. The reasons for this are simple; certified organic anti viral essential oils have proven to be the most effective natural means of reducing genital herpes outbreaks and are generally safer to use than their counterparts, oral drugs. Non certified organic oils or extracts are not nearly as effective, are not deemed as therapeutic by doctors prescribing anti viral oils, and may have been treated with pesticides and toxins which is certainly not desirable for application to the genitals.



The impressive therapeutic action of our genital herpes treatments is accomplished via their rapid absorption of into the body. Essential oils are lipophilic and have a low molecular weight. This allows them to pass readily through the skin and into bloodstream where they are carried throughout the body and pass easily through cell membranes to DNA, where the herpes virus resides and replicates.

Massive, rapid replication (or reproduction) occurs when the herpes virus comes out of its dormant stage and causes an outbreak. This movement of the herpes virus is almost always caused by weakening of the immune system or stress and allows the virus to travel down the ganglia and create sores or blisters on your skin’s surface.

As a result, strengthening of immune parameters is critical when treating herpes outbreak. It is widely believed that the antiviral oils in our treatments impact immune function at a cellular level. These oils are believed to elevate levels of lymphocytes (white blood cells that fight infection and disease) and thereby have strong immunostimulant properties.

Therefore, it is important to apply the treatments to the soles of the feet. This will provide systemic absorption of the treatment into the body and enhance immune parameters.

Our researchers have analyzed each essential oil for its qualitative and quantitative capacity to block DNA polymerase and, consequently, replication of the herpes simplex 1 and herpes simplex 2 viruses. Those organic oils exhibiting the highest virucidal effect against the herpes virus in comprehensive in vitro and in vivo trials, while being safe to use on genital tissue, have been meticulously blended to create our genital herpes treatments.



  • Formulated by a panel of recognized leaders in the field of Plant Medicine
  • Proven effective to destroy the virus which causes genital herpes, backed by a full year money back guarantee.
  • Created from the purest essential oils with efficacy and safety as top priorities
  • Derived exclusively from the highest quality, organically certified crops from around the world
  • Compliant with all applicable health and safety standards - very few domestic essential oil products are!



It works! Our customers share their stories with us everyday in testimonials!

“ I just wanted to share with you how happy I am with your products. Over a year ago I was diagnosed with genital herpes and was getting outbreaks every month, it was horrifying! I tried everything but nothing helped. The feeling of fatigue, being in a “fog” and fever symptoms which occurred when I had an outbreak was horrible. Finally, my doctor recommended your products. I was skeptical at first but I must say the products work great!! I have been using them for the past 10 months and have not experienced one outbreak since using the products, great! The times when I feel an outbreak coming on I use the outbreak care product and it actually has prevented the outbreak from forming. I have been using the suppressive care product and it has definitely worked to suppress my outbreaks! My fever symptoms and feeling of fatigue have also been eliminated. Pretty amazing is all I can say. It is so wonderful to be able to find such a great company and treatment. Thank you so much for prompt customer service and saving my self esteem!”
Karen H. from Miami, Florida

“ I think it is important for others to realize the impact your products can have against outbreaks. I have been suffering and struggling with genital herpes outbreaks for about 12 years now and the outbreaks have been relentless. I take multi vitamins, Lysine, and a few other herbal remedies. These help some, but still my outbreaks have been horrendous! I've even tried the very expensive anti-viral meds such as Zovirax and Famvir, which did little to help my condition and cost me a lot of money.”
Jerome from Boston, MA

“I used GH OBCare for the first time last week and the results were unbelievable. It worked so quickly, I was amazed. The pain and itch were gone immediately. I'm so glad I found your web-site! I've been battling genital herpes for all this time and spent so much money on worthless treatments. Nothing has helped me as much as your treatments. I now am using the suppressive care product and can feel that it is really working.” Peter Z. from Pittsburgh, PA

" I can't thank your company enough for coming up with such awesome and safe products. I was very depressed from the constant outbreaks, finally I have hope! Through personal experience, I know how awful this disease can be when it has control over you. I am happy to help in any way and share my experience and success I have had with your products. It feels so good to finally be in control!! Thanks again!”
Steven from Phoenix, Arizona

“Thank you so much for your prompt attention to my order and wonderful customer service. Your herpes treatments are unbelievable. I became so tired of hearing the medical community declare there is no cure for herpes and adding to my depression! I felt like such a guinea pig taking their horrible pills for outbreaks. I am so glad I found your website! I have been using your treatments for almost a year now and can say with confidence that I will never need to find another herpes treatment. My outbreaks have stopped. This is truly wonderful.” Demi from Ann Arbor, Michigan

“It seems like I have been battling genital herpes forever. However, with your treatments I finally feel like I have won the war! Your treatments have allowed me to be outbreak free for a long time and don’t even think about herpes anymore. It is amazing, and no pills!! The suppressive treatment has been a godsend. Those rare times I feel an outbreak coming on, I just apply 2 drops of the outbreak care product and my pain is instantly gone and the outbreak does not appear. Like I said, I have been battling with this for a while and I am so happy that I finally have something to stop outbreaks dead before they appear to develop into huge sores.”
Robin from Berkeley, California

"I have been going through my 1st outbreak for about 10 days...I received my shipment of GHCare yesterday. From the moment I applied it, I felt the FIRST physical relief in 10 days.
When I woke this morning, I noticed the infected area is much less irritated. I can actually sit down and walk around without pain!
I continued using GHCare throughout the day after the pain and discomfort had already disappeared from the previous day of use. With use over the day, 90% of the visible signs of the outbreak disappeared as well.
My doctor's office had absolutely NO advice for helping to suppress the pain and discomfort of the outbreak. I'm SO thankful that I discovered Pure Healing on the Internet......I wish I found it 2 weeks ago.
I went from feeling like it was the END of the WORLD, to feeling like my situation isn't all that bad! Having this disease is NOT going to impact my life in the terrible way I thought it would, thanks to a product that WORKS. That's a HUGE accomplishment, and I am so thankful that there is a product that can help people in my situation. Thank you!”
TL from New Orleans, Louisiana.



Aborts Genital Herpes Outbreaks

In published studies, the active compounds in our genital herpes treatment GH-OB Care“prevented the process of herpes virus attachment and penetration. These extracts also inhibited herpes virus attachment to cell surface.

As a result, GH-OB Care has the ability to abort a genital herpes outbreak if applied in the tingling (prodrome) phase of an outbreak. This product is highly concentrated and strong. Excellent results are experienced from just one drop. Use this product to abort and stop an existing or potential outbreak.


Anti-HSV Soap

Anti-HSV SoapNew Anti-HSV Soap. Beautiful hand made organic soap to cleanse affected. This medicated soap is loaded with healing botanicals and has an excellent effect to heal damaged or infected skin.



Apply GH-OB Care directly to the affected areas. Key to success is to apply immediately at the very first sign of an outbreak or when you experience a tingling sensation signaling the onset of an outbreak. GH-OB Care will attack the replication of the herpes virus and reduce the possibility of sores forming if applied in the prodrome phase. Apply often and discontinue use when symptoms have subsided. Also important to apply to the soles of the feet 3 times per day to help strengthen immune parameters.

One 15 ml bottle contains approximately 400 drops of our specially designed anti viral formula of certified organic medicinal plant extracts, enough to treat several outbreaks before painful, itchy and embarrassing blisters develop.

The earlier GH-OB Care is applied to the affected area, the less time the herpes virus will have to reproduce and create a visible infection or sore. So keep GH-OB Care on hand at all times, and you should be able to turn the pain, irritation and embarrassment of herpes outbreaks into a distant memory.

This organic anti viral formula is very well tolerated by genital skin tissue and is almost completely devoid of toxicity from topical application, yet should not be over applied as it is extremely concentrated.

At cessation of genital herpes symptoms, apply GH-OBST two to three times per day to areas of outbreaks and to soles of the feet for suppressive therapy.

As with any treatment, if your symptoms get worse or if you experience any side effect, please consult a medical professional.






Certified Organic Melissa Officinalis


Highly Anti-viral +++++ Effective to neutralize Herpes simplex 1 and herpes simplex 2.

Certified Organic Pelargonium


Anti-viral +++
Safely eliminates herpes infections in the genital tract.  Inactivates HSV 1 and HSV 2.

Certified Organic Melaleuca Alternifolia

Monoterpenes Monoterpenols

Anti-Viral +++++
Inactivates herpes simplex 1 and herpes simplex 2. Effective to treat genital infections.

Certified Organic
Eucalyptus Radiata

Terpene oxides

Exceptional Anti-Viral +++++ Excellent for anti viral use in the genital area.

Certified Organic
Lavender Super


Highly effective pain reliever from blisters.

Certified Organic

Neral, geranial

Excellent for treating herpes infections in the genital region.



Daily therapy suppresses genital herpes outbreaks

If you experience more than two genital herpes outbreak per year, GH-OBST is the product you’ve been hoping to find. Don’t wait for symptoms of a genital herpes outbreak to develop, eliminate them.

GH-OBST is a non irritant, milder than GH-OBCare, and an effective suppressive therapy when applied 2-3 times per day. This suppressive therapy is to be used with the stronger treatment, GH-OB Care, to successfully control outbreaks.

When examining treatment for recurring genital herpes outbreaks, tests established that the ingredients in our genital herpes daily treatment, GH-OBST “significantly reduced the incidence, severity and/or frequency of spontaneous and severe skin lesions” resulting from genital herpes outbreaks when compared to a placebo.

Applying GH-OBST daily as suppressive therapy successfully helps block the herpes virus from traveling to the surface of your skin and helps prevent relapses. Frequency and severity of outbreaks, as demonstrated in this study, have been significantly reduced and many experience complete elimination of symptoms and outbreaks when using GH-OBST with GH-OB Care.



Apply one to three drops directly to all sites of previous outbreaks and to the soles of the feet. Repeat this process two to three times per day. Each 15 ml bottle contains approximately 400 drops and provides daily suppressive therapy for approximately 1-2 months.

Apply between outbreaks as suppressive therapy.

As with any treatment, if your symptoms get worse or if you experience any side effect, please consult a medical professional.



When used properly and per instructions, GH-OB Care and GH-OBST can provide excellent results. Exhaustive testing prior to product release and product users validate our claim, GH-OBCare and GH-OBST, will work for you or we will happily provide a refund to you.



This organic anti viral oils in our treatments are very well tolerated by genital skin tissue and almost completely devoid of toxicity from topical application. However, if skin irritation occurs discontinue use and return product for a full refund of your purchase.

If you have any adverse reaction to essential oils do not use either product.

As with any treatment, if your symptoms get worse or if you experience any side effect, please consult a medical professional.



Here at Pure Healing we’ve studied and had success with patients of all ages with genital herpes outbreaks ranging from dramatically acute to mild but chronic. In the overwhelming majority of cases, GH-OB Care and GH-OBST have provided dramatic relief of pain and control of outbreaks.  

In addition to specific antiviral properties of our products, they are highly antibacterial and have an immunostimulant functions which heightens your body’s immune system defense mechanisms.



Quality from Beginning to End

In order to provide you with the most effective and safest genital herpes treatments, our formulas are prepared from the highest quality ingredients using the most scrupulous procedures. It’s because we place a higher value on quality than on time and monetary expense that we can guarantee optimal efficacy and safety of our product.



We traveled the world over looking for the perfect essential oil sources for our genital herpes treatments. Because so many ingredients are required and our standards are so high, no single source would ever do.

Consequently, we purchase our certified organic essential oils from farm/distilleries all over the world. These sources are in remote areas far from pollution, and at higher altitudes where the air is cleaner. From Nepal to central Australia, from Chile to Egypt, from Morocco to Madagascar, we’ve spared no expense, selecting only the most ecologically aware and organically run farms for our herpes treatments.



The plants are harvested at the height of their season when antiviral and antimicrobial properties are at their peak, rendering essential oils of the highest possible potency.

Steam distilling takes place on premises immediately following the harvest, when newly cut plants are fresh. Our oils are distilled slowly, at a low temperature and pressure, unlike the distillation process for the perfume industry. Due to high demand and lesser regard for quality, they use higher temperatures for a faster yield.



While we require our farmers to conduct chromatographic testing to insure purity and quality, we also verify their findings by outsourcing to an independent scientific laboratory here in the states.

The lots of essential oils and their respective test results arrive at our offices in California, and then we send off samples of each lot to an independent lab for testing via the aromatogram technique. Only after this second set of testing reconfirms the efficacy (antiviral and antimicrobial potency) and quality of the oils do we incorporate them into our products.



The special formulas we use to blend our genital herpes virus treatments were developed collaboratively with leaders in the industry of plant medicine. The trials and testing took years and our products did not reach the market until we were sure we had the safest, highest quality treatment possible.



Many antiviral drugs are on the market touting their efficacy against the herpes virus. While these products may work for some people, they are composed of a single agent designed to combat the virus, whereas each essential oil in our genital herpes treatments contain several hundred different naturally occurring anti viral agents with the demonstrated ability to stop herpes viral replication. With Pure Healing certified organic treatments, your chances of preventing a genital herpes outbreak may bethat much higher.



Published Clinical Trial Regarding effectiveness of our herpes extracts

Suppression of recurrent genital herpes simplex virus type 2 infection by Organic Anti Viral extracts

Department of Virology, Tokyo Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Japan.

The organic compound borneal, isolated from essential oil constituents (found in GH-OB Care), has been shown to exhibit anti-herpes simplex virus (HSV) activity and potentiate the anti-HSV activity…in vitro and in vivo. This extract was examined for its suppressive efficacy on recurrent genital herpes infection. Prophylactic administration, at the dose corresponding to human use, significantly reduced the incidence, severity and/or frequency of spontaneous and severe skin lesions as compared with latently infected guinea pigs administered with water. When recurrent HSV-2 disease was induced by ultraviolet irradiation 3 months after primary infection, the prophylaxis was also significantly effective in reducing the severity of ultraviolet-induced skin lesions….

Inhibitory effect of anti-viral and anti-inflammatory organic extracts on herpes simplex virus replication.

Department of Microbiology, China Medical College, Beijing China.

The increasing clinical use of acyclovir, ganciclovir, and foscarnet against herpes simplex virus (HSV) and varicella-zoster virus has been associated with the emergence of drug-resistant herpes virus strains. To develop and test new treatment options, anti-HSV compounds from 31 plants and plant extracts, (many present in GH-OB Care) used as anti viral and anti-inflammatory agents…were screened. Five different preparations (cold aqueous, hot aqueous, ethanolic, acid ethanolic, and methanolic) were analyzed by plaque reduction assay. Those results, which showed significant antiviral activities, were further elucidated for their antiviral mechanisms. Our results showed that the five preparations … prevented the process of herpes virus attachment and penetration. These extracts also inhibited herpes virus attachment to cell surface. These data indicated that these extracts (many present in GH-OB Care and GH-OBST) have a potential value as a source of new powerful anti-HSV compounds.



The result of all our hard work is a rapidly growing number of relieved and grateful customers. We sell our products to individuals and health practitioners throughout the United States and Europe. Our solid reputation and word of our premium treatments is getting around. We offer a full year money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied by the results from our products.


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